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To quickly understand the workings of the school we have listed some of the essential points (see Staff Handbook for more details). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your line manager or school office:

  • Arrival Time – The school day starts earlier in Thailand then schools in most other countries. The ‘latest’ time for staff to arrive is 7.15 am. Students arrive much earlier than this. Please aim to be at school by 6.45 am. Traffic is less congested at this time, however, for the first week please allow for extra time. There will be new children in your class and a late teacher will make new parents and students worry unnecessarily.
  • Registration – If you are a class tutor, you will need to register your class properly. This is not only an essential requirement for school, it is also a legal one.
    You will be required to sign yourself ‘in’ or ‘out’ upon arrival and leaving school respectively, again as part of the Ministry of Education requirements (MOE).
  • Dress Code – All teachers are required to dress formally and be an example to the students. Male teachers are required to wear a formal shirt, necktie, trousers (not jeans) and leather shoes (not sandals). Female teachers are required to a blouse and skirt or trousers, or smart dress and appropriate footwear with a closed heel (not sandals or flip-flops).
  • Break & Lunch – The Primary and Secondary have their break and lunch at different times. Staff are required to be on duty as timetabled.
  • Homework & Homework Diaries – Students are expected to have homework everyday as part of school policy. Teachers and form tutors are expected to ensure that challenging and appropriate homework is properly organized each week in the various subjects.
  • Student Handbook – Students are given a handbook as part of a contact system between parent and form tutor. It ensures students are organised with their timetable, homework and other pertinent school information. There is a student code of conduct that students read and sign at the beginning of the year.
  • Planning / Record Keeping & Tracking – Planning and record keeping is an essential part of teaching and learning. This includes the collating of data and taking part in the analysis software systems that enable better monitoring and understanding of students’ progress.
  • Student Textbooks – Students are issued subject textbooks from the library at the beginning of the academic year. They are responsible for the books in their care. Class tutors ensure that students return their textbooks to the library at the end of the year.
  • Expectations - Staff are expected to contribute to a happy and diverse international community, have high expectations of personal achievement, challenge students with achievable goals, contribute to the promotion of teamwork and take part in the extra-curricular activities and programs.


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