Volleyball Hits New Heights at Traill

Volleyball has really taken off this year at Traill, with a group of beginner players now representing the school at BISAC competitions.

What started as a small extra-curricular activity in Term 2 has grown into a serious sport for a large group of Traill boys and girls. So serious in fact that, from complete beginners, the students are now representing Traill at BISAC, where they have recently been playing against some of Thailand’s best school teams.

Despite only having seven players, the girls’ team won their first match against TCIS and showed great fighting spirit against much more experienced teams. Meanwhile, the boys’ team won all their season games and made it to the BISAC tournament, losing only narrowly (15-13) in the third set to Harrow for a place in the semi-finals.

This was an outstanding result for these new players, and their coach and the whole school are very proud of them. Let's hope we can continue to improve next year. Well done to all the players!


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