Coding Competition Support
Please join us in wishing all the luck in the world to our KS3 students on their participation in the FOBISIA Creative Coding Competition at St. Andrew’s International School this year!

The finest schools throughout Asia are competing, and Traill is proud to have the team ‘Coding Thing’ representing us. The team comprises: Mixer, Ken (Year 8) and Snack (Year 7). Together, they have created a very impressive computer game designed around the competition’s 'Space' theme.

The intensely immersive game has the gamer swerving around speeding asteroids and hurtling through space at near interstellar warp speeds just to stay alive, whilst also having to sweep up the numerous powerups and score doublers to attain the almost unachievable best score.

Play the game too by following this link:

(Team photo attached)

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